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Why Aadhar

A question that often people ask is “Why Adhaar?” The answer is very simple.

There are basically two characteristics that Adhaar has and which is the reason for people to pick Adhaar number:

  1. Universality:  This means that over a period of time one can expect all service providers to hold Adhaar number and hence universality.
  2. Entitlement: All Indian citizens are allowed for Adhaar.

Very often people wonder so to why we need an Adhaar Card. However due to its entitlement and universality; it has become an important ID proof that helps the individuals prove their identity.

With nearly 150 crore people living in the villages and cities, India has become one of the populated countries in the world. One of the major challenges that people generally face while migrating from one place to another is with their identity. Though very common, it might surprise you that many people out there in cities and villages of India don’t have a valid proof or passport to prove their identity and nationality.

An astonishing fact that came up recently was that out of 1.2 billion population of our nation, nearly 50 million or to put it simply just 5% hold passport, while only 100 million people possess Pan Card and another 200 million own a driving license. What might surprise you more is that a large section of our population doesn’t even have an ID card.

You won’t realize the importance of an Adhaar card unless you move to a new city. With no identity proof, it becomes very difficult to get LPG connection, new mobile phone connection or an internet connection etc. To put an end to your problems, the government of India has come up with Unique Identity Holding System through the Adhaar Cards. By introducing these cards, the government aims to promote welfare of the population of India.

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